Welcome to the First #NYTechWalk
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Welcome to the First #NYTechWalk

What’s the #NYTechWalk?

The TechWalk aims to create lasting connections among professionals of color while inviting them to explore the beauty and hidden talent that exists in low-income communities of color.

When is the #NYTechWalk?

The first #NYTechWalk will take place on Saturday, August 15th in New York City. Only thirteen slots are available and we invite professionals of color of any gender to apply.

Where will we be visiting?

It’s a secret! We will tell chosen participants the day before the event is scheduled to take place. This is to ensure that the focus in the preceding days are on establishing community within the group of participants and to simply focus on the journey rather than the destination. 

Who can apply?

Anyone who identifies as a professional of color can apply! We ask for applicants’ preferred pronouns but do not specifically ask questions about gender identity. We want to have a diverse pool of participants and are opening to all professionals of color (i.e. even though this is an initiative by #WOCinTech, if you’re a man of color, you can apply, too!).

Anything else I should know?

You should know that there will be walking involved. There will be plenty of sitting, rest breaks, fun things, and food, too, but we’re walking!

It’ll be walking on level ground, at a moderate pace, while chatting with friends, but if you suffer from any health issues that make it difficult for you to walk for an hour and a half, we ask that you do NOT apply at this time. While we want to make sure whoever wants to participate, can, we cannot be held responsible if something happens during the walk. We’ll provide water bottles (with refills!) for everyone who participates, and will have a small First Aid kit on hand as well.

Bring your enthusiasm and your desire to meet and connect with others. This is supposed to be a low-key event where you can get to know others! 

Great! Where do I apply?

Applications are now closed. We will notify chosen participants on/after Friday, July 31. Time and location will be disclosed to participants before the event (it'll be easily accessible via public transportation).

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