We are a community of women and non-binary people of color. Some of us are technologists in the making and some of us are technologists by trade.


If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
— Maya Angelou

The Founders of WOCinTech Chat are both professionals in the tech industry, are both women of color from New York City and wanted to be able to work on initiatives that they were passionate about in order to bring about change in the lives of women and nonbinary people of color. While it is important to dialogue about these issues, it is equally if not even more important to DO THE WORK! Even the smallest and most obvious contributions make a huge difference. 

We launched during the summer of 2015. So far, we have....

  • Held a NYCTechWalk  - Summer 2015
  • Sponsored tickets for WOC/Non-binary POC to attend 6 tech conferences
  • Officially sponsored TXJS 2015 and supported RubyConf 2015
  • Distributed two hiring newsletters to our community subscribers with exclusive job listings from top tech companies
  • Sponsored 3 women to attend the BrooklynJS Meetup
  • Sponsored a data science workshop in collaboration with LWT and Galvanize 
  • Gave away tickets to multiple online webinars
  • Hosted three Women of Color in Tech Stock Photo Shoots
  • Media sponsors for New York on Tech's Tech Flex Scholars event - September 2015
  • Sponsored one woman of color for #SheHacksNYC all weekend Hackathon in New York City - October 2015
  • Hosted 9 Twitter chats (#WOCinTech) discussing topics like the job search, tech skills, interviewing, privacy & security and more....
  • Proudly participated in the Womens Freedom Conference an all digital, 100% online conference - October 25, 2015
  • Partnered with The Phat Startup to send 3 women of color to Tech808 Conference in NYC - November 2015
  • WOCinTech Stock Photo Shoot - Parts II & III 
  • GitMerge NYC tickets for 5 women/non-binary POC in tech to attend GitMerge, A Conference for the Git Community April 2016
  • Sponsored the attendance of 3 women of color in tech at Blavity's EmpowerHER conference taking place on May 21st, 2016 in NYC
  • OS&F 2016 Ticket Giveaway for 3 women of color in tech
  • Gave away tickets to AffectConf 2016

That's way more than we thought was possible and we've enjoyed it every step of the way!




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